What we can learn from the industry of education?

I’m taking a wild guess here, that the majority of us pretty much agree on the fact that our current educational system is well beyond outdated?

Mass Production

Mass Production (Photo credit: Participatory Learning)

Especially if you take technological development into consideration, we have come a long way since the agricultural revolution had started. Not to get ahead of ourselves, lets take a closer look at the industrial revolution and James Watt’s steam engine invention. It had a definite and profound effect on our life as we know it today and paved the way for mass production and standardisation. Following mass migration into urban areas and a vast workforce up spring for the newly funded industrial complexes, decimating the rural population also due to productivity rise and introduction of farming machinery.

This enormous societal changes also brought forth the need for educating these poor and unskilled migrants and the existing educational institutions that were mostly clerical and/or private held were unfit for the job. Compulsory education was introduced with an entirely new purpose; to mould and train a subordinate with repetitive reflex, after all that is exactly what the production line required.

Ford assembly line, 1913.

Ford assembly line, 1913. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With time and the invention of robotics, we were pretty much able to automatise the majority of assembly lines with little or no human labour requirements. ( Yes there are some exceptions, I’m merely emphasising a fact) Yes there are cubicle workplaces and digital swipes instead of punch cards, but the general idea is, that our work has intensified in the “thinking” area. There is an enormous demand for innovative, creative, logical and ethical human beings to satisfy business and wider community needs.

Related to the subject, if you still haven’t seen the famous TED talk from Sir Ken Robinson, I’d highly recommend it.


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