The wolf of wall street and the silence of the lambs

I believe I couldn’t have picked a better title according to google trends and SEO. And the reason why I borrowed the films doesn’t have anything to do with Katarina Čas, an actress of Slovene origin or the fact that you could have noticed the Slovene flag appearing (If not distracted by simultaneous nudity). It is merely a coincidental non-related fact that I come from the same country. NO. And neither has it anything to do with Leonardo DiCaprio whom I find to be a good actor ever since watching The Aviator.

English: Wall Street sign on Wall Street

English: Wall Street sign on Wall Street (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It also has nothing to do with Martin Scorsese, regardless of the fact that I find his career in the film industry quite interesting or with the quite disturbing profane language that we could attest to. I’m not going to moralise or argue on the underlying message of the film. I leave all of that up to the individual that went through a back breaking 3 hour experience.

What did go through my mind after watching the film before sitting down and writing this blog post, please bear with me, is that I personally felt uncomfortable with the image that was portrayed of the sales people yelling over the phones, scamming the clients out of their financial assets and depicting a stereotypical negative connotation that races through your mind when you open your front door and see an annoying looking vacuum cleaner sales representative of an overpriced and underperforming device, while he interrupted you sitting down for a quiet Sunday afternoon meal with your family.

It has a lot to do with Jordan Belfort, the main character of the film, based on a real person that is relatively known for his manipulative selling methods and absurd tactics. No wonder for the bad sales rep. See what I did here? I’m really curious though, who does actually fall for that getting insanely rich in 3 easy steps line especially in this day and age. As if the job of sales representatives their managers and all of those responsible for the net operating profit wasn’t hard enough as it is.

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