“Free food, you take it”

Is something that said no one ever before to me. As it apears, the very special day I had writen about yesterday continues. Indeed food is something that in one aspect we take for granted and simultaneously don’t pay much attention to. And it goes without saying that one should pay attention to what one puts inside ones body! There’s an over and missused quote that comes to mind: “Tell me what you eat, I’ll tell you what you are.”

The free food that was offered to me today, including the seconds, is something that seems to happen here in Bangkok, though I wonder why that never happened back in the lands that I’ve been born out of. And I’m not talking about close friends and relatives inviting you over for dinner. I’m talking about complete strangers on the streets of a culture that seems to vary to what we’re used to back in the category of “western cultures”.

What made me dedicate todays ramblings to food is this little gem that I’ve stumbled upon wandering downtown. And it made me wonder.

What kind of a confused misrepresentation of cultural symboli sms clashing with a corporate agenda, marketed at children, with intent of making their own programing stick! And what is even more sickening, that a freaking “sandwich” from this establishment sets you back a mere dollar on average while a small basket of goodies from the local farmer market is already considered an investment. And it should be considered such, preventive medicine let’s call it. Because trully, if you dive deep into research and later on into practice, to experiment what works for you and what not, you come to see those healing effects of nutritional food that is rich in enzymes. 

Because what can you expect from the GMO, processed, fast food, laced and spiked with sugar and carefully marketed as low fat or what fad is trendy in the current time and space?

You can expect to get Ill and pay for your low cost fast food spree later on with doctor bills, insurance nonsense and the rest.

Let’s get back on track, if you have decide to visit Thailand and avoided the street vendors, that’s a colossal misfortune. Sure you have all the pizza, pasta, steak, burger joints you want, for a slightly lower price than you probably pay at home and slightly less taste. I mean, if you’re going to go through the trouble of longhaull flights, you might as well: “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”. 

And the food is incredibly delicious, imagine a sweet, cold watermelon and even juicier pineapple for breakfast, where you can taste the life of the fruit, unlike the supermarket version. What’s even more amazing, that the best tasting food that you can get your hands on here is actually the most affordable, financialy speaking.

Now that signals to me, that they’re onto something. And food is a vast topic that I do love to enjoy and discuss further, so we have more to talk about on that subject.

On another note, I’ve never practiced the art of writing as much as the art of speaking, so combining this with the fact that I don’t want to explain this experience I’m having to each and every curious soul once I get back, it’s a win win.

Take care of yourselves and mind your food!


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