This price is non-negotiable?

The exploration of ones self in Bangkok continues. Did you know that academia and science are slowly catching up? Max Planck, a theoretical physicist who originated quantum theory that led him to be bestowed with the Nobel Prize in Physics way back in 1918, and he had proved that consciousness precedes matter

What does that have to do with me in Bangkok? Well, every detail of the experience I’m having and sharing with you is only an expression of my intention. Again, I’m experiencing exactly what I’m looking for. Simple, but still needs to be repeated a few times over in order to really sink in. On that note, black is still it, ran out of black shirts and decided to go shopping just so I have more common ground with the locals. There were massive traffic jams on route to black shirt wholesellers the other day even.

Bangkok shopping

The late king is still being massively prayed to for the whole week by littearly millions of Thais and the mourning period will by tradition last for 30 days up to an entire year. Imagine that, it’s a sign of vast cultural difference if you compare this to princess Diana for example. And she was the peoples sweethart. If you’ve missed my previous post on this subject, check it out here.

Erawan Hindu shrine

Speaking of huge masses, the moment I’ve posted my first impression of the city, a friend of mine from School from 9 years ago wrote to me that he thought he had seen my dopple ganger walking dowside him. And what are the odds, wandering down a random street in a metropoils such as this one.

 Not to get off track, even though I’m not a subject expert when it comes to shopping, but let me tell you, this is a go to city for this type of activities. You’re able to find at least 4 malls in 1 city block radius, from the high end, mid range brands, to the barter deals and even cheaper knock-offs of each.

And you’ll find anything that you can imagine including some things that you might not. The markets are afloat and popping up on almost every major intersection, slowing you to go for the night markets or the weekend ones, like Chatuchak market that I’ve visited today. This place is enormous, covering two football stadiums and about 8000 shops, along which you may find your pick of delicious street food vendors to quench your thirst and settle your tired soul.

That about covers my input on this subject, if you want to talk about consciousness and quantum, let me know. 

Take care and enjoy the day.


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