IPhone Monk(7)

I saw a budhist monk today in the temple of the dawn or Wat Arun. Sounds exotic right? It was a beautifully carved and shaped piece of art, with attention to detail of enormous extent. The rooftops were shimmering bright colours reflecting the sunlight that glimpsed piercing the clouds at a slow pace. The interior was decorated with a grandiose eastern Thai motif. The buddhist stupa was dominating as the centerpiece. Next to it, an elevated podium and the monk in their typical meditative pose chanting blessings of some sort to their comunity members kneeling down in front of him. 

What specifically cought my attention was the monks latest IPhone7, the golden version to match the buddha statue of course. What question came to mind? We’re all the same, is it possibe that this pursuit of spiritual enlightenment, the amassing of material wealth, the relentless pursuit of social status, are nothing but variations of individuals pursuit of fullfilment. What is the idea behind it? Are these completely irrelevant to the grander picture?

Could be just so. It seems that we all believe we’re reaching for happiness by achieving goals as such. 

First, we would need to dive deeper and ask ourselves what happiness is anyways. Trully,that seems to be what we’re all after once we strip all the unnecessary layers of everything else. And yet, you will see people who are perpetually unhappy and constantly chasing the next big goal that fill fulfill the empty space. That’s of course in my perspective and it could be that there’s a very good reason why the monk is collecting donations and the phone was a gift of some sort for his spiritual service?

Have a great evening and of course, if you feel you need to share some thoughts on the topic of happiness, the self and such, don’t be shy. 


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