Please don’t walk on the grass

If you happen to find some green space in Bangkok that is. I’ve been saving this thoughts for the time I migrated north, to Chiang Mai.

One of my first cultural shocks when I came off the BTS Sky train from the airport to the city, was to breath in. And realise that the air going through my respiratory system was horrendous. You could actually taste the sewage and different odors of decay. If that wasn’t bad enaugh, there’s also an obvious lack of green space in the urban planning or lack of one.

To cement those two things together, you have more than double the european standard exhaust fumes due to traffic overload. That is why my instinctual reaction was to go into the nearest park and just chill.

This is something that I’ve taken for granted growing up in the European green capital. There’s a reason why people in huge metropolitan areas become further apart from their own nature. We are bound to this precious gem, mother Earth and we need it to trully flourish in life.

Chiang Mai, it’s the northern cultural center of Thailand and breathes surrounded by a couple of national parks and acres of jungle. You could immediately feel the different vibe in comparison to the bustling capital. It’s still not the best example of environmentally friendly urbanism but notably better than Bangkok.

I’ve boarded the night train yesterday evening and arrived to Chiang Mai, which littearly means new city. Pun intended. Only once I’ve found lodging and laid down on the bed, have I found to be rocking left and right, from the 12 hour train ride of course.

Having said that, it’s obviously not the best of circumstances to produce balanced content.

Have a great evening


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