Culture, society, Government, Symbolism

Another hot day in Chiang Mai, another set of budhist temples, fresh fruit from the street vendors and some food for thought.

While I’m enjoying my travels and discoveries which, if you had been following my earlier writing, comes down to finding exactly what one is looking for regardless of time and space. I could just stay put in Prague, which is my current place of residence and think of, manifest and share the same reality or thoughts, using language. Only the most basic building block and tool that is available to cognition and therefore our reality. We are all familiar with the observer phenomena right? Consciousness precedes matter, and this is only one of the numerous ways one could prove it. Should you feel the need for it of course. And please do, don’t take any one proof for granted, do your own research.

When it comes to doing research, I have a recommendation, it helped me discern information and separate the bullshit from the truth and conecting the dots to a holistic extent. And speaking of bullshit, there’s tons of it out there. It’s intentional if you think about it, anything that leads you away from you is in the best interest of the current structure of society.

We’ve been programed, by TV programs, by the cult of the holly tree which is Hollywood, the music industry, the educational institutions that mould us into uniform zombies that perform just above the cognitive ability of what is required of us. The fundamentals run much deeper of course, with core values and beliefs, religion and or a lack of one.
It’s basically a kind of software that is uploaded onto our hardware, which is our human body. If you just for a second let go of this little annoyance that is running in the background saying, this guy is out of his mind, another conspiracy theorist or whatever label you want to slap on it because it contradicts your current operating system.

The three Kings monument/ Chiang Mai

Well you know what? I say fuck you to anyone that requires me to bow down in front of him as if she/he had either a huge insecurity issue or so completely afraid of not knowing what she/he is doing in this existance that there is an obvious need to convince everyone else of the contrary. Trully, not even the greatest Zen master will say that he knows it. It being the answer to your question. In fact, if you do go down that path and find a Zen master to show you the way, that will most probably be the first thing he will tell you. I don’t have anything to teach you! 

Of course someone who is that determined to seek help, will not take no for an answer. So the Zen master will proceed with the lessons to be learned. And those will make you question what you’re doing. If not, maybe you need to rephrase your question or rethink what you came out here to do.

I was observing now for more than a week, budhist monks at their evening chanting ceremonies. While it was a beautifully event, it was only that way because I was looking for it to be this way as a reflection of my conscious attempt. The Observer phenomena?

I’ve noticed, beside the IPhone Monk that I was already writing in one of the previous ramblings, that the young ones were dulled out of their minds. Which is exactly how kids behave when they’re thrown into performing some sort of ritual that doesn’t make any sense to them at that moment in time.

There is only one single function of any institutionalised religion. Extent control over the masses. Obey and you will perhaps attain resolve of your invaluable existance in this life. 

What is a fact though, all of the religious scripts are fundamentally based on the universal truths and spiritual existance. Only it had been carefully modified to an extent of loosing the original message. 

If you have managed to stay with me up to this point, I am glad to share with you some further resources and point out people that spent their life investigating the esoteric realms. Start gradually, with one of the greatest philosophers of this millenia in my opinion, Allan Wats. The society as a matrix part 1 and part 2 are specifically complementary to this topic. Or perhaps tear the bandage instantly with Cullen Smith, an etymologist like no other. If you’ve so far only heard of Nikola Tesla, listen to this rare transcript of an interview with him. It’s really fascinating that he was never a part of our school programing right? We were sold the lie of Thomas Alva Edison instead. This guy was a regular douchebag if you ask me. While our current way of life and technological breaktrought can be attributed to Tesla and his life work. I really recommend diving even deeper after that on the basics of sound and frequency . That will blow your mind, I guarantee it.

A sidenote, I myself had always been keen on sharp intellectual reasoning, logic and philosophy, the love of knowledge. That is exactly why I’ve never accepted anything that was based on emotional or lacked scientific explanation only later to find that the latter is inferior.

Do your own research and have a great day. 


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