Raising above the clouds

There’s a beutiful natural preserve Doi Suthep-Pui dominating the skyline beyond Chiang Mai. I’ve rented out a scooter to get up that steep climb and climb the 309 stairs leading to the Wat Phra That temple. All very simbolic if you think about it. The ascend towards the golden stupa and yet another golden Budha with the accompanying monks bowing underneath.

I’m trying to illuminate the idea of not relinquishing our power outside of us. The very moment we do that, our quest for “enlightenment” had come to a full stop. In other words, we’ll never have what we have decided is not already ours. That’s how the universe works. The symbolism of praising someone or something as the grand gesture of relinquishing your own power to an outside source is exactly what we should improve in this society of ours. The idea of conforming to authority is absurd and only water to the mill of self serving psychopaths that will always find a way to get into the position of government or authority that we so willingly allow. And it’s not because we are all retarded, no. It’s because of eons of brainwashing via multitude of facets.

I was reading a booklet: How to live in Thailand the other day. I’ve come across a passage that I’ve found very disturbing. It was under the category of medicine and it went something like this. Water in Thailand is fluoridated, it’s very good for your teeth, the dentist society recommends a daily dosage of fluoride of up to 0.5 grams at least. With children, the dosage should be consulted further as they may experience some side effects.

What the fuck? That’s one of the biggest loads of bullshit when it comes to chemistry, please do your research. Flouride was found by allied forces in Nazi concentration camps in heaps of kilograms. It turns out that it had an effect on the prison population making them more docile and easily controlable. Let that sink in for a while before you have another glass of water or use a commercial toothpaste. 

So to get back full circle, I’m really enjoying my time in Thailand. It’s a beautiful place and I’m as is apparent always finding what I’m looking for. Regardless of the geolocation. 

The symbolism of ascending the mountainous jungle terrain and climbing the staircase with the snakes adorning the hand rail goes very deep. The double snake symbolism is a representation of the double strain, the most basic universal principle of frequency and energy. It’s also represented in the strand of the double helix, which is our DNA, the buidling block of our organism. The ascension of the two snakes is a representation of raising frequencies that tie in with our body on the level of our glands. Some sources call this process the kundalini awakening.

I’d love to go more into details on this topic, though I have a scooter city cruise to do. And driving on the left side of the road is realy fun for me, being used to driving on the right that is and making it analogous with the intertwining of two sides.

Take care of yourselves and have a great day


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