“Welcome back to reality”

Is a phrase that was uttered at me a couple of times today. And I don’t want to kill the messenger, but I’m still surprised to the extent of a lack of comprehension of this situation.

What is the message behind this quasi question? Is the transmitter aware of the fact that my coming back to the slavic crossroads of Prague and the “routine” of daily work, not hanging around places I haven’t been yet and wondering about the universal vibratory frequency of all existance has more to do with the projection of ones own reasoning behind what one is doing. Or to put it in other words, why one is not doing what makes him happy but what is expected of her/him. That’s a tough cookie really. I’ve had some time since I wrote my last impression of the latest trip to Thailand. Had gone to visit the south of the land with all the touristic sights, the island motor bike cruises, the bungalows at the sandy dunes next to the sea. The coconut shakes for breakfast and all you can talk to wandering souls that are constantly searching for the next big thrill. 

I’ve had some time to process all of what had happened and all that hadn’t. I’ve dropped by my home town, went for a little techno party and later chilled in pristine nature of forests and lakes. It’s that sort of beauty in life that really doubles down on those thought processes. Talking about reality, we should always think carefully what thoughts we’d like to entertain. And that is the fundamental truth of how this universe operates. It’s the intention and energy behind your conscious thoughts that create whatever it is you perceive as reality. It’s that simple.

If this is the reaction that brought me to ponder this idea further and boil it down to the naked truth it is so only due to the intention and energy that I’ve put into it because of the consciousness that had picked up on this vibratory signature.

The fruit smoothies from the street vendors will be substituted with the un/trendy cafes of Prague and hummus with a thousand and one side dish and topping but other than that , it’s obviously exactly the same. Still me, the observer, which is driving this experience forward or not. That’s how I came upon this conclusion of mine that holds water in both cases; It doesn’t matter where you are, your reality depens  solely upon what you make of it.

So, next time you want to say something to someone, maybe first ask yourself why you need to say this and why in this way. You could just take the understanding of yourself by surprise. Remember that there is no within without. 

Take care of yourselves and your vibratory signal that makes up this universe.


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